I am glad to report that I was able to add the line of NEC projectors to our product mix for sale on our web site. NEC has many projector products ranging in price from $499 for their NP100 mobile projector, up to their top of the line NP4001 4500 Lumens professional installation projecter.

What is unique about NEC is their IW77 interactive whiteboard solution. The IW77 is a 61” by 46” whiteboard which you mount on your wall. It comes with a USB port which you can hook up to any Mac running OS X 10.4 or higher. It comes with a special stylus pen which allows anything you draw on the screen to be captured and saved. You can also broadcast what is being written over the web or your local network. Using a projector, you can also use the pen and whiteboard to control your computer just like a mouse and a giant touchscreen.

Definitely a pretty unique product, but combined into NEC WTIW77 bundle, you get the whiteboard, plus a wallmount kit, and the WT610E projector which can project onto the screen full size from as little as 26” away from the screen.

Unfortunately, both the whiteboard and the bundle are special order products which may take extra time to deliver, but thought it was worth highlighting.

For a list of NEC projectors use this link


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