Many Kibbles readers wrote in last week about my suggested work-around for keeping an iTunes wishlist. I didn’t realize there are actually two better ways to keep an ongoing wishlist of iTunes Store songs and albums. Thank you to everyone who wrote in with this info! It was very helpful.

First, according to many readers (and Apple), you can add previews of any song in the iTunes Store to a regular iTunes playlist, and create a wish list of songs that you want to buy at a later date. First create a new playlist. Then drag the individual song preview from the iTunes Store to the new wish list playlist. Listen to the song preview or buy the song directly from your playlist by clicking the Buy button.
After you buy a song using the Buy button, the song remains in your wish list playlist, but double-clicking it plays the entire song instead of just the preview, and the price for the song no longer appears.

Second, I actually have 1-click purchasing enabled in the iTunes store, so I don’t use the iTunes shopping cart. Here’s what Manda K. wrote:
“I just wanted to let you know: to save albums or songs that I want to revisit later, I just put them in my shopping cart in iTunes. Periodically I review my shopping cart and either purchase or delete its contents. The items seem to stay there permanently (or until iTunes stops carrying them, which did happen to me with one song). Just wanted to get that option out there.” Thanks Manda!

Here are some other favorite iTunes tips:

Explore Smart Playlists: I love Smart Playlists. These are a fun and powerful way to control and explore your iTunes library. For example, you can create a playlist that’s no more than 5 gigabytes (GB) in size and includes your most highly rated polka songs. Or you could create a playlist of songs by a particular artist. When you import a new CD from that artist, the songs can be added automatically to the Smart Playlist. Website Internet Duct Tape has a tip for making a ‘best of 2007’ playlist.

While Podophile recommends a Smart Playlist for finding lost music.

New to Smart Playlists? Check out Apple’s helpful Smart Playlist tutorial.

Print CD Inserts: You can print a list of the songs in your library or a selected playlist to use as a CD jewel case insert, or simply to have a song or album list. Select your library or a playlist and choose File > Print. Choose whether you want to print a CD jewel case insert or song or album list. Select a printing theme from the Theme pop-up menu. Themes allow you to change how the information is printed. When you’re done, click Print.

Use right-click in iTunes to speed up browsing (or Control-click for people with laptops, or people with one-button mice): You can right-click songs, playlists, column headings, and many other items in iTunes to do certain tasks more easily. For example, to see all the playlists that include a particular song, right-click the song, then scroll down to Show in Playlist.

Add Individual Songs from a CD to a Playlist: You can create a new playlist and add a song (or songs) from a CD to it all in one step. Just select the CD in the Source pane and then drag a song (or songs) from the CD tracks list to the white area below all items in the Source pane. iTunes creates a new playlist, imports the song into your library, and then adds it to the new playlist. To add a song (or songs) from a CD to an existing playlist, drag the song from the CD tracks list directly to the playlist. iTunes imports the song into your library and adds it to the playlist.

Get Information for CDs from Offline Imports: If you’re connected to the Internet, iTunes automatically retrieves information about any CD you play or import with iTunes, including the name of the artist, album, and each song on the CD. If you’re not connected to the Internet, you’ll notice that all the songs you import will have generic names such as “Track 1,” “Track 2,” and so on. Once you connect to the Internet, you can replace them with the actual CD information—just select the songs and from the Advanced menu, choose Get CD Track Names. iTunes will retrieve the names of your selected songs and apply them automatically, even if the CD is no longer in your computer

Need to fix incorrect album art in iTunes? Check out this tutorial from Download Squad.


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