In all cases, people are capable of that clumsy moment when knocking over one’s beverage or food container can occur. There’s nothing amusing about spilling on your keyboard, or worse yet, when your portable machine takes a direct hit from a cup of coffee.

Our service department is commonly tasked with evaluating damage and repairing machines related to spillage.

Luckily there’s a solution that’s easy enough provided by a company called KB Covers.

We’ve carried their silicone protective keyboard covers for a number of years now, and speaking from experience can say that they do work.

I didn’t have to spend $100 or more on a keyboard replacement for our 15in Powerbook at home because of the KB Covers product (Yes, I am very capable of that clutzy moment, ask my spouse).

If you want some insurance against liquid spillage, check out our KB Covers products here

There are covers for Apple’s current USB and wireless keyboard as well as form factors for the MacBook and MacBook Pro (w/limited back stock on older models still on our website, too).

Aside from colors, and character size, another nice feature are those keyboard cover models that are printed with specific applications’ tool sets. Apps like Final Cut, Photoshop, Pro Tools, even World of Warcraft are much easier to learn when you don’t have to look up the keyboard short cuts. Think of the productivity improvements!

Get your protection today!!


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