In last week’s Kibbles & Bytes, I wrote about my favorite keyboard shortcut, Command-Tab, which you can read about in the Kibbles Archive:

Many readers wrote in to remind me of a similar shortcut for cycling through windows in open applications, or through Finder windows (if more than one Finder window is open). All you do is hold down the Command and the ` key at the same time. The ` key is found above the tab key on the left side of the Mac keyboard., while the Command key is found to the right and left of the spacebar. As Kibbles reader Ruben L. wrote, “Pretty nifty for the Dynamic Duo!”

I don’t use this shortcut often (I depend on Expose to hop between windows), but some people really love it. These tend to be people who’ve recently switched to the Mac from PC.

Want to explore Expose? Check out this handy tutorial from Apple. Expose is one of my top-20 features of OS X; I have a hard time on older Macs and PCs that don’t have this useful feature:


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