Yesterday Apple announced a much anticipated 3G iPhone, and for weeks now the iPhone has been unavailable for purchase from the Apple Store. With the big announcement of the new faster iPhone that’s now half the price at $199 and with cool new applications, our phone lines have really begun to buzz here at Small Dog!

Here in Vermont, AT&T has still not officially started up service, but for months now the buzz has been wild with Unicel announcing that many of it’s stores will be purchased by AT&T or Verizon depending on the location of the stores. I have been fielding many of these calls as I like many of our customers are on the quest for a new cell phone and I have been researching iPhone vs. Blackberrys since the AT&T and Unicel buzz started a few months ago. At this time there is still no magic crystal ball and we still do not know with any certainty when the takeover will officially occur.

I have searched blogs, called Unicel, scoured the Apple site and AT&T site for any information that I could possibly find on AT&T and Vermont, So far all I have gotten a lot of mixed answers. I followed a blog rumor I that indicated Unicel Stores were to magically convert to AT&T stores on June 2nd and thought this rumor was a sure thing when on June 1st I popped over to a Unicel store and saw a sign that said ‘closed for inventory.’ I was certain the blog rumor was true!

I went for a drive out to a Unicel store on June 2nd in the hopes that iPhones would sitting on the shelves the very next day, waiting for me to make a purchase, but to my dismay nothing had changed. A new rumor is abuzz this week that July 15th is the magic day and that new phones were expected in Unicel/AT&T stores in July or August. But as with the last round of information we really don’t know for sure. Many customers have emailed and called us with shocking dismay that we don’t have much more information than they do and even more disbelief to know that we don’t sell iPhones at this point either.

So we, like the rest of our readers and customers, are anxiously anticipating the Big Day iPhones really come to Vermont!


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