Faithful and loyal Apple users in Vermont had yet another blow to their hopes of using the newest 3G iPhone here on Friday.

An article posted in the Burlington Free Press June 13th revealed that the States Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Department of Justice have put the halt on the Verizon/AT&T buyout of Unicel.

It has been determined that 2 1/2 Counties in Vermont would not have adequate cell coverage and is giving Verizon 120 days to come up with a solution.

Check out the article here.

At this time, it’s unknown as to what this will mean for the iPhone and Vermont Customers. As it stands now, AT&T is the only cell phone provider that legally provides service for the iPhone.

It looks like it could be as long as three months before there is a solution and it’s possible that some areas might not even have AT&T. So for those of us yearning to use shiny new iPhones and finally be up to speed with the rest of the country with technology, we will have to keep on waiting and crossing our fingers that in the coming months AT&T will finally begin service here.


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