Do you ever find yourself out of juice? Mophie’s Juice Pack, designed to double the iPhone’s battery life, might be just what you’re looking for. I was traveling around for a little more than a month this summer and found that when I was in my car, at a friend’s house, or at work, I was able to charge my iPhone and my Mophie Juice Pack simultaneously, allowing me to go twice as long between recharges. The design of the Juice Pack means that the iPhone gains only slightly more bulk while increasing the ergonomic feel of an otherwise slim phone and achieving significantly more battery performance. The Juice Pack extends the height and depth of the phone, but leaves all of the iPhone’s features intact. The speaker, microphone, and camera are all accessible due to the design of the cradle-like case. The grips that run up the side of the Juice Pack allow for an even better hold. It’s also got a cool battery indicator on the backside like the one’s you’d find on Apple’s MacBook. While I don’t find as much use for it when I am at home, placing it in the charger at night; I did enjoy the extended life when I was traveling. I would recommend the Juice Pack to anyone who, in their lifestyle, needs to go a bit longer between outlet access. My only qualm: The nice silky finish does wear a bit on the edges. Verdict: A cool contraption that functionally compensates well for something you can never get enough of-battery life.


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