To run the new apps on your iPod touch, you need the “iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch.” This costs $9.95. As of this writing, the link Apple’s link to the update is not working. You can try it anyway by clicking here
(note that this will launch iTunes, version 7.7 required):

Hopefully Apple’s servers will catch up with the demand, because I am very eager to upgrade my touch with the new software, and load it up with the new apps!

Beyond the ability to run the new apps, the software update for the iPod touch offers may other goodies, such as:

– Push Email with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync: Email — also contacts and calendar — can now be pushed instantly to your iPod touch.

– Contacts Search: Find people faster by tapping a name, address, or other data into a new search field.

– Multiple Calendars: Have a calendar for work, a calendar for home, and more. And manage them all with a touch.

– Scientific Calculator: Rotate to landscape view for solving complex science, math, and programming problems.

– Improved Mail Attachment Viewing : View more types of attachments, including iWork and PowerPoint files. And save photos emailed to you in your library.

– New Mail Management Features: Delete and move groups of email messages, reply from a different account, and send with BCC. – MobileMe Compatibility: The iPhone 2.0 Software Update for iPod touch includes support for MobileMe, which keeps all your information up to date on every device you use — automatically. Changes to your email, contacts, and calendar are pushed to the MobileMe “cloud,” which then pushes them to your Mac, PC, or Wi-Fi-connected iPod touch.

– The update also includes the new features added in the January ’08 update, including Google Maps, Mail, Weather, Web Clips, a customizable Home screen. If you haven’t already upgraded your iPod touch, this is a good time to do it!

Learn more here.


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