With the All-Star game happening tonight, it got me thinking about how much we here at Small Dog Electronics love America’s pastime. We have some friendly rivalries in the office and stores, generally between the Red Sox and anyone else who’s not a fan of the Red Sox.

As we’ve alluded to in the past, some of these rivalries spur bets where the loser has to wear a team shirt of the winner’s team. Don recently lost a bet to me, wherein he had to purchase an Orioles shirt to wear for a day after his beloved Cubs failed to win the series between the two teams. (In a more serious bet between Don and Hapy, the latter has been dutifully wearing a Celtics shirt ALL WEEK to commemorate the loss of his Lakers in the NBA finals.)

Tonight, though, many of us will be on the same side as we root for either the American League or National League in the All-Star game. The game starts at 8PM tonight at historic Yankee Stadium, so I imagine there’s still time for some friendly bets around here to commence‚Ķ

Check out the official MLB All-Star Game website here.

See Small Dog’s gallery of baseball pride on Flickr here!

Small Dog Loves Baseball


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