Apple sent out an email today to existing .Mac members, acknowledging that there have some bumps along the way in the transition from .Mac to MobileMe.

Indeed, I have experienced some–namely, that my website created in iWeb doesn’t look as it should. Picture frames and other images are missing from many pages, and outlines of text boxes are visible, which they shouldn’t be.

Additionally, Apple does not have a link to login to MobileMe on their website, as astute reader Karen K. pointed out. .Mac had been featured in the “Mac” tab, and although MobileMe’s features are included in this section, there’s no place we could find to actually login to our accounts.

To access your MobileMe account, bookmark:

For a detailed FAQ on Apple’s site, click here:

(Ed featured this link as well in his MobileMe Launch Date & FAQs article)

If you’d like to share your MobileMe migration experience, or have suggestions or comments on any of the above issues, please let us know!


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