Many iPod accessories are not fully compatible with the newest iPods released September 9. On our website, we refer to these iPod models as iPod nano 4G, iPod touch 2008, and the 120GB iPod classic. Some accessories, including most FM transmitters, are not at all compatible with the new iPods.

When plugged into a non-compatible device, a new iPod will most commonly return the message “Charging is not supported with this accessory”. So, for example, the iPod will still play through speakers with the built-in dock, but eventually the iPod will have to be plugged into a computer or compatible AC charger to recharge.

We are working on updating our product descriptions for all iPod cables, chargers, speaker systems, and other iPod accessories to includes compatibility with new iPods. At this point, most manufacturers have not posted updated compatibility information so we are testing the accessories ourselves.

This compatibility issue is caused by the same change with the Apple Dock Connecter introduced with the iPhone 3G. Inside the iPod / iPhone Dock Connecter are 30 metal pins. Previous iPods and iPhones allowed for charging either over pins reserved for the USB connection or pins reserved for the obsolete Firewire connection.

While Apple apparently announced this upcoming change to manufactures of “Made for iPod” accessories back in 2005, Apple only formerly discontinued Firewire charging support with the most recent iPods. New iPods and iPhones can only charge via the USB pin.

As such, there is no way that a software update can fix this issue in the future; this is truly a modification in iPod hardware.

Also, it’s important to note that while new iPods may have limited compatibility with older accessories, older iPods should have no issue with newer iPod accessories.

Again, we will be updating our iPod product listings on through the week.


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