It’s a common misperception that all of Apple’s support personnel are located in Cupertino. There are call centers and repair facilities around the globe, but phone support is pretty local relative to the support systems for many corporations: all calls originating in North America stay in North America, and are not redirected to facilities on the other side of the globe. For mail-in repair needs in the United States and Canada, PowerBooks and MacBook Pros go to a facility in Houston, TX that took a direct hit from Hurricane Ike last week.

The repair facility, located at 7909 Northcourt Road in Houston (check it out on Google Street View at, only reopened today with limited staff and generator power. It’s not an available option for repair until further notice, which doesn’t affect us too much as we do most of our repairs in-house, but it does affect customers who are far from an authorized service provider or some of our customers whose machines require a trip to the depot. Apple has warned that turnaround times will be adversely affected.

Small Dog sends our best wishes to everyone affected by the recent storms.


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