Apple has issued a “repair extension program” on the new compact USB power adapter, which is available for as an accessory for iPods and is also included with the iPhone 3G. Apparently there have been reports of the metal prongs breaking off of the adapter and remaining lodged in power outlets. That obviously causes the risk of electric shock.

Apple says “Users with ultracompact power adapters should immediately stop using them until they exchange them for a new, redesigned ultracompact adapter.”

Users can charge their iPhone 3G or iPod by connecting it to a computer with the included USB cable, or by using a regular Apple USB Power Adapter (seen here)

Read more about the recall by clicking here.

Replacement adapters, available October 10th, will have a green dot affixed to them to show that they are the newer, safer model. (* Thanks to Moe R. for catching an earlier error in this sentence!)

If you can’t wait until October 10 for an AC adapter for your iPhone or iPod, we do currently have several adapters that won’t induce electroshock therapy and have been tested to be compatible with all iPods with dock connector, original iPhone, and iPhone 3G.

Griffin PowerBlock AC Adapter for iPods, $24.99

Incase Charger for iPod & iPhone, works in a regular AC outlet and in your car!

Apple USB Power Adapter


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