The possibilities of the iPod touch are endless. Its unique mini version of Mac OS X and extremely functional multi-touch interface makes it one of the most versatile and unique devices on the market. There are hundreds of apps available on the app store for instant download directly to your iPod touch.

One of my favorite apps called pearPad remote. This app transforms your iPod touch or iPhone into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer allowing you to control your mouse and keyboard from anywhere that you can get on the internet.

Imagine kicking back in your chair and navigating your computer that’s across the room right from your iPod touch. pearPad consists of two parts: The first part is the application running on the iPhone/iPod Touch, which is available at the AppStore for just under 4 USD. The second part is the application running on your Mac called pearPad Remote. This application listens to and interprets the commands sent to it by pearPad. For more info, check out the official pearPad website by clicking here!


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