And speaking of Autumn, it’s my daughter Autumn’s birthday today. Autumn is a foreign language teacher in the Burlington school district (aside from her full time job of caring for my three awesome grandkids). She is also a drummer in the Jeh Kulu dance and drum company. So here’s a shout out to Autumn Song!

This weekend is looking very promising for some spectacular motorcycle riding in the brilliant colors. I’ll have to interrupt that to watch the Cubbies who are struggling to stay alive in the first round of the playoffs. GO CUBS, GO!

I think we have fixed the bug in our HTML newsletter software that was causing some issues for some of our readers. I apologize, but as is typical in software development, we fixed one thing and that broke another. Let me know if you have any problems with this issue, and thank you so much for the support of Small Dog Electronics—we truly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading this issue of Kibbles & Bytes!

Your Kibbles & Bytes Team,
Don, Kali & Ed


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