With the iPhone still not in Vermont, and patience running thin, some of us are giving up waiting before buying another phone. However, there are still many of us who want to ride it out and are waiting for AT&T to show itself in the Green Mountain state.

If you’re looking for an iPhone alternative, though (either permanent or temporary), there’s a service called Callwave. I found it about a year ago, and it is an online messaging center that offers several services, including Voicemail-To-Text for your computer (or iPhone if you have one). It organizes all of your voicemails, text messages and contacts on the web.

Forget the visual voicemail on the iPhone—Callwave works with any cell phone from any provider, which makes it extremely flexible. It allows you to see who called you, when they called, and how long their message was through your computer. In addition, Callwave converts them into a text format. Callwave also has an option to send free text massages to any cell phone on any service.

Until the iPhone gets to Vermont, Callwave is a great solution. Check out their website for more features and information!


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