Last week, I wrote about Googling (I love how that’s a verb now) the problem I had with the Illustrator icon. Well, I found the answer to my problem, as well as a few other nuggets of information—specifically a way to take a screenshot with the mouse included.

The tip comes from Anil at Nixtechnica, a fellow Mac enthusiast. Here’s how you do it:

  • In Grab, open Preferences
  • Select the mouse icon of your choice

That’s it! This can come in very handy when the mouse is an integral part of the equation.

However… I have yet to figure out a way to capture the mouse in a screenshot if it has a unique application icon (such as in Illustrator, when the mouse pointer turned into a pencil with a line through it. I was not able to capture the icon at all.)

I’ll do some more research on it and get back to you!


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