Dear Friends,

We had our first snow of the season on Tuesday, and Artie, who drives over the mountain each day, reported cars slipping and sliding as they tried to get up the Appalacian Gap without snow tires. I’m holding off for another week or so before I give in to the weather and put the snow tires on and start putting the motorcycles away for the winter. It is starting to be stick season here in Vermont; the trees have all lost their leaves and the tourists have gone home. This is one of my favorite times of year since the roads are clear and you can see through the naked trees to see wildlife, brooks and fields. There are always geese heading south honking their way overhead, and occasionally they will make a noisy landing in the corn field or at the pond by the warehouse. There is a geese-viewing area on Route 17 near the bridge to New York that has a field full of thousands of both Canada and Snow geese. I usually manage to make my way there at least once a year.

We just received word that our shipment of portable speakers hit the New York port of entry. I think you will like this new product called the Chill Pill. This is a very compact, great-sounding portable speaker system with a rechargeable battery that will work with your iPod or any audio device with a standard headphone jack. You can learn all about it at We should have them ready to ship to you next week! I envision expanding this line of products, so please give us your feedback. We are also re-stocking our popular CAR Tune FM transmitter and charger—this time in Black. These are updated to work with all iPods and iPhone and should be here in a few weeks.

By the way, iPod celebrated its seventh birthday yesterday. It is hard to put the success of this product in perspective; however, before the iPod, the MP3 market was tiny and now it’s a multi-billion dollar market with Apple maintaining a 70%+ share of the market. As I’ve said before, who needs computer market share when you can create new markets?


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