Here at Small Dog Electronics, we always make a big deal of Halloween. It’s an all day event. Why not; it’s a chance to get together and have fun as a company, act a little silly and eat candy corn. Or pretend to eat candy corn.

The centerpiece of Halloween at Small Dog is our mandatory costume policy. Every employee must wear a costume to work. If you don’t wear a costume, you will be Photoshopped into a costume without mercy, and that image is posted to our website. Part of the fun of our Halloween is seeing what other people will wear; the other part is seeing what happens to people who don’t dress up.

The best part is that customers get to see and vote on the winning costume. If you’d like to vote, visit Small Dog’s blog Barkings on Halloween. We’ll post all of our pictures. Voting will happen throughout the day. The winning costumer will be announced at the end of the day.

Now I’ve got to find a white sheet to cut up into a ghost costume.


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