Now that we’ve all hopefully voted, it’s time to sit back and watch results begin to flood in. I’m hosting an election party tonight; we’ll have a TV streaming results, a 24” iMac in a seperate room broadcasting HDTV results via an EyeTV Hybrid (which works surprisingly well.) and a couple of computers available for tracking news online. All this information is probably redundant, but it will be fun to be immersed in a truly historical event.

Of course, all the traditional news websites will have updates throughout the day and tonight. The New York Times has a great webpage listing the key states to keep an eye on, along with the times polls close around the nation. The best thing about the New York Times page is its pop-out dashboard, which tracks (in real time) the electoral map, key states, and which TV networks have called which candidates and races. It’s a nice small browser window that you can keep open on your Mac’s desktop.

See the page and get the dashboard by clicking here.

Google has a simple page compiling election results, along with an interactive map here.

Check out what time polls close around the nation on

Of course, The Onion is always the best source for no-nonsense news. Click here for this page.


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