I hate having to break in a new plow guy up on Prickly Mountain. It seems that it takes a couple years for the plow guy to get up to speed on doing the plowing in our mountain community. And usually about when they have it down pat, they decide that plowing is too much of a headache. We’ve got another new guy this year and after the first storm, he was sideways stuck in my driveway and didn’t come to plow until late afternoon. Now the driveway is ‘glare ice’ so it is an adventure driving down in the morning. It’s not a job I would want; nobody is ever satisfied and when you are not getting stuck, you are probably just cold. Ah, winter in Vermont.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading this issue of Kibbles & Bytes!

Your Kibbles & Bytes Team,
Don, Kali & Ed


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