It’s back! We have gathered our troops and tested some of the hottest gifts of the year to share with you in this gift-giving season. We’ll feature a handful of products in each issue of Kibbles & Bytes. Enjoy!

We have the Top 10 lists for gifts this year on our Holiday page as well:


Vroom, Vroom, said the Logitech Racer Mouse
By Katie Wilhite

Well, normally I wouldn’t purchase a wired mouse that is stickered up to look like a Race Car, but in this case, I couldn’t resist. The mouse is pretty small and portable which is key for a laptop or for someone with smaller hands, but the main thing that attracted me to this mouse is the fact that it’s only $9.99!

If you use your machine for everyday things like e-mail, surfing the web, iTunes maybe some iPhoto business, then well, a mouse is a mouse is a mouse—you don’t need to spend a lot of dough. Why not only spend $9.99 and have a little fun white your mouse while your at it? Just don’t get pulled over for having too much fun…

See it here!


Philips 150W Auto Power Inverter
By Jeremiah Johnson

This product is amazing! I hate having to buy car chargers for my electronics, so the Philips 150W Auto Power Inverter eliminates the need to buy a second charger when you’re on the road.

I use it for charging my cell phone, iPod and even my MacBook. You could even use it with a oven toaster or TV, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a great buy, and a perfect stocking stuffer!

See it here!


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