Happy Tuesday,

In the middle of the second major snowstorm in as many days, Don, Grace, Tony and I went snowmobiling on Sunday. At least eighteen inches of snow were groomed and packed down on the trails the night before, and there were already six inches of fresh powder on top by the time we actually made it into the woods. Off the packed trail, the snow was waist-high.

Don, Grace, and I are new to this snowmobiling thing, but after eight miles or so of Tony coaching, we began getting the hang of it. It was still very much early in the season, with a loosely packed, relatively thin base. We found ourselves getting stuck on water bars going up steep hills, and enjoying the fast straightaways. I learned that I’ll need a balaclava so my chin doesn’t freeze solid, and also that I’ll need to put together an emergency kit should I ever break down again. I knew something was wrong as I slowed, coasting up a gentle hill with the engine screaming. I came to a stop assuming I’d lost the drive belt or the clutch, and lamented the fact that I didn’t bring tools. We tried towing it out, but with the soft base and daytime waning, we left my sled off the side of the trail.

Of course, even if I brought a giant tool chest, I wouldn’t know where to start. I see the whole incident as motivation to learn how the thing works. After learning the ins and outs of computer repair, learning to fix something big will be a nice change of pace!

Happy holidays from all of us at Small Dog Electronics.



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