Dear Friends,

We learned this week that the iPhone is finally coming to Vermont. The complicated deal that culminated in AT &T buying Unicel’s GSM network and stores in Vermont has gotten all of their approvals and we are told that as early as the middle of January the iPhone will finally be in the last state. We literally answer hundreds of questions each week about the iPhone and while we do stock a complete selection of iPhone accessories, Apple has not opened the iPhone for sales by its independent resellers. Unfortunately, that means we will not be offering the product at our stores until such a time as we can convince Apple or AT&T to bring the iPhone to where their customers like to shop. I guess we’ll just have to refer them to the new AT&T store just down the street.

I didn’t notice last week that we had done over 600 issues of Kibbles & Bytes. It seems like eons ago that we started sending out our price list as an email with a bit of commentary. Those early issues of Kibbles are still in the archives and we have come a long way with you! I love the new HTML format and we are working this year to increase our subscription base, so please tell your friends and Mac neighbors! As we wrap up 2008 I want to wish each of you the very best for the holidays and send our warmest wishes for a happy, safe an prosperous new year! I’ll be reviewing my 2008 predictions in this issue of Kibbles & Bytes and next week in the first 2009 issue of Kibbles we’ll talk about the coming year.


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