Originally written by Art, art@smalldog.com

The Small Dog iMac refurb. project continues here in Waitsfield. Now that I have touched every part inside of one of those machines, I can say that they are designed quite well. Apple’s design team did not want customers to be able to take them apart on a whim, but never the less, they are still relatively easy to work on.

On the average, from beginning to end, it takes about one solid hour to diagnose, repair, and make ready these Bondi blue machines for stock or for shipping to you. The warehouse crew all takes a part in opening, pretesting, diagnosing, repairing, cleaning and packing the many iMacs that are moving through here.

Why am I talking about this so much? I have worked with Macs for nearly ten solid years now and this is the first big time assembly line project I have had to work on. There are over 500 iMacs in total, and attention to quality is a must. 233MHz iMacs are here for sale at $789. Get in line quick as they will be all sold out and gone by the second week of September!


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