It’s been 25 years! On January 24, 1984, a then 28-year-old Steve Jobs and 33-year-old Steve Wozniak (nicknamed “Woz”) introduced the very first Macintosh — a computer “for the rest of us.” (Note the friendly, cursive “hello” they included on-screen to attract non-corporate types.)

At the time, IBM dominated the PC scene, and computers were viewed as devices that were too complicated for the average person. The Macintosh changed that forever.

With a unique all-in-one design that would later become a staple feature of the Macintosh line, the Macintosh (later dubbed the “Macintosh 128K” after future versions were released) was successful from the get-go at a pricetag of just under $2,500.

Though sales dropped after the initial introduction period, Apple had success with future models and upgrades, and it paved the way for further innovation—for Apple itself as well as serving as the inspiration for Microsoft Windows. (For more on this, see “Related” below for a link to Pirates of Silicon Valley)

Original Macintosh Specs and Features:

  • 128 KB RAM
  • 64 KB ROM
  • 3.5” 400 KB floppy drive
  • size: 13.6” H x 9.6” W x 10.9” D
  • weight: 16.5 lb.
  • 1-bit 512 × 342 pixel B&W monitor
  • mouse and attached keyboard (with a coiled telephone-like cable)
  • System 1.0 (including the first System and Finder apps) software, MacWrite and MacPaint applications
  • Beige Plastic enclosure (yes, it was still beige… it would be 14 more years—and after Steve Jobs’ departure and subsequent return to Apple—before we would see bright colors introduced into the Mac line)

Technology has come a long way since then, giving us far more powerful computing systems and devices for a much lower cost. We have a lot of respect for Apple, and we’re proud to be in the Mac industry.

So here’s to the Mac’s 25th anniversary! Thanks for the memories. We look forward to many more years of innovative, creative and useful products!

Have a favorite Apple product from years past? Let us know!





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