Dear Friends,

It’s Kali writing for Don this week, who is on week #2 of his African Safari. Things are (literally) quiet in the office here, because Ed is also on a vacation of sorts, along with three dogs. Ed is holding down the fort at Don’s house, so hopefully he is also getting in some nice relaxation time as well as some quality time on the slopes.

There is a lot going on here, though! Last week, our Sudoku challenge gave the clue of “Important Event” and out of all of our entries, we have picked a winner! Read more about that below. Today is also Friday the 13th, and per tradition, we have a “phobia” theme. I polled our Small Doggers and had them submit their biggest fears for all to see (thankfully, public humiliation on a national scale wasn’t one of them…).

In product-related news, we’re featuring specials on Apple software, which includes instant rebates on Final Cut Studio (save $200!), AppleCare and iLife, and rebates on iWork and MobileMe. For a limited time, we also have refurbished and used MacBooks between $729.99 – $929.99, new MacBooks from $949.99 and more previous-generation Apple products on the way (more on that next week). (Apologies for the sales-pitch, but we’re pretty excited about big sales on Apple stuff!)


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