Yes, this is be more of an iPhone tip, but it’s a great one! If you have an iPhone and a library of music that you’d love to hear on your phone, this is for you.

  • Open GarageBand and iTunes
  • In GarageBand, open a new project and delete the default track (it usually opens with a Piano track; get rid of it by selecting “Track” from the Menu Bar and click “Delete Track”)
  • Find the song you want to use in iTunes and drag it into GarageBand
  • In GarageBand, click on the Cycle Region button (it looks like a version of a “recycle” image)
  • Click the Measures button (the musical note to the right of the Cycle Region button), and select Time
  • Edit the song’s length (keep it under 40 seconds) to what you want to loop as a ringtone
  • When finished, select “Share” from the Menu Bar and select “Send Ringtone to iTunes”)
  • In iTunes, you will see your new ringtone in the Ringtones section in the left hand column

I’ve gone a little crazy, and created custom ringtones for most of my friends and family…

Note: This tip is for the Mac only. To get instructions for Windows, check this article on CyberNet.


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