Do you have Peladophobia, Pediophobia or Peniaphobia? Well, if you’re not afraid of bald people, dogs or poverty (irrationally, people), you probably don’t!

Friday the 13th always makes us think of our fears, so here it goes:

“Fear of the Undead, (Kinemortophobia) and/or fear of decaying matter (Seplophobia), coupled with a fear of nuclear weapons (Nucleomituphobia)… so basically I’m afraid we will be attacked by mutant zombies who are made immortal by nuclear radiation, but then their matter slowly decays so that we are the only ones left on earth!”

“Fear of clowns (Coulrophobia) and storm drains… I blame Stephen King and Pennywise.”

“Fear of clowns (see above) and a fear of masks (Prosopeiophobia). And I do have a slight fear of Ceramic Clown Masks… like the Pierrot and Harlequin clown masks that were so popular for people to hang on their walls in the ’80s…”

“Clown paintings! Especially velvet clown paintings!” (may be referred to as __ Anatidaephobia__)

“Fear of Ventriloquist Dummies (Automatonophobia) and a fear that somewhere a Duck is watching you (Anataiadaiaphobia).”

“Fear that your roommate’s chinchilla will suck out your soul while you sleep. (Hypochinclacleophobia)”

“Mild fear of larger bodies of very deep, very dark water (Hydrophobia). There are Things down there and They will get you! Also, mild anxiety of crowded public places (Agoraphobia). Also, not quite Xenophobia (which i think is limited to aliens meaning foreigners), but these guys definitely make me uncomfortable. If i have to move the book Communion at home, I have to cover up the cover so I don’t see it.”


“Revolving doors.”

“Just a fear that a bunch of little things will go wrong. Never anything HUGE, just stupid little things.“ 

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” —FDR

“Constant fear that people’s beverages are going to spill. I have a tendency to move people’s beverages away from the edges of tables/desks, etc. as a result.”

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Interesting Tidbit:
Taphophobia, fear of being buried alive
It’s been written that write Hans Christian Anderson was afraid of being buried alive and would leave a not by his bed when he was sleeping that read “I am only apparently dead.”


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