It’s no surprise that a large portion of people currently purchasing Macs are former PC users; we call them “Switchers.” One of the most common concerns for a Switcher is how to move his or her emails, address book and calendar items from Outlook to a new machine. While there are several tips and tricks on how to do this, I wanted to showcase one of my favorite Switcher applications, O2M.

I was first turned on to O2M when it went by it’s former name, Outlook2Mac. It’s a great little app by Little Machines that will convert all of your Outlook data to a format that your Mac will read for the low price of $10. While there are some free ways to do this, they are cumbersome; O2M does a clean and simple job and outputs to a format that can easily be read by Address Book, Mail, iCal, Entourage, and several other third-party mail programs on the Mac.

It’s important to note that O2M is made to export information from the full version of Microsoft Outlook, so if you have Outlook Express you’re out of luck. To get the application, simply download it in your Windows PC from Little Machine’s website and run it on your PC. The program’s clean interface allows you to chose which type of files you’d like exported, what format you’d like them exported as and then it does the rest for you! You can then use either a USB Key/Flash Drive or external hard drive to transfer the exported data to your Mac. Enjoy!


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