In addition to the slew of new products announced on Tuesday, Apple also released the MacBook Battery Updater 1.4. A small number of MacBooks (both the latest unibody-style MacBooks as well as the “older” white and black plastic models) have batteries that can become inoperative after long periods of inactivity. This update presumably updates the battery software to put the computer to sleep with a little more charge remaining, avoiding extended periods of complete depletion.

You can know whether your battery needs the update by going to System Profiler and selecting Power from the Hardware section. If the battery device name is ASMB016 or ASMB013, a pack lot code is 0002, or a battery firmware version is 0110, then you should install this update. Of course, the updater will work only on eligible batteries, so there’s no harm in just downloading it and letting it determine whether or not your battery needs it.

If you must store your laptop for an extended period, this is not an issue at all. Simply charge the battery fully and remove it from the computer. The worst thing you can do is leave a battery in a depleted state for a long time, and if you plan to store your mobile computer for more than five months it is especially important to remove the battery.

Learn more and download the updated by clicking here.


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