While at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Don came across a booth with an assortment of officially licensed mice in the shape of popular automobiles. Upon returning to our world headquarters, the RoadMice flyer he grabbed was tossed on my desk with orders to bring them in.

Seeing the Concept Camaros, Dodge Chargers, Ford Mustangs, and Corvettes online didn’t do this neat input device justice. These mice are very close in look and scale as the real life autos they mimic. We have chosen a few colors for each of the cars, including a Highway Patrol badged Chevy Concept Camaro.

While the real thing may be a gas guzzler, the RoadMice are not battery guzzlers! The RoadMice Mouse automatically goes into battery save mode when left idle for a few minutes.

Each mouse has its own VIN number, and when you register online, one is granted access to an official Certificate of Title as if you had just been to the DMV. I printed mine out and am planning on signing it over to the next owner someday. 😉

Using Radio Frequency wireless (it comes with a USB dongle), the mouse is easy to connect once you install the two AAA batteries and find the little switch on the bottom to turn it on. After syncing the mouse to the dongle, I was mousing wirelessly within minutes of opening the package. These are fully Mac/PC compatible.

The two-button RoadMice also have working headlights. Click the left side button and the left headlight comes on, etc. The scroll wheel also lights up when used. The smooth functionality of this 800 DPI optical wireless mouse is much appreciated thus far, and most people who’ve seen these agree that they will be a hot seller.

My new Atomic Orange Corvette has really souped up my computer, and I’ve already gotten used to cursor movements after just a day or two of use. There’s always a slight delay in response compared to a wired equivalent, but as I say, it just takes a little getting used to, and is comparable with Apple’s own wireless mice with regard to functionality. I made one adjustment to my iMac’s System Preferences to allow the mouse to track a little more slowly to assure precise control.

Although owning a new car may seem out of reach, I assure that you will not be disappointed with the milage you’ll get if you obtain one of these great wireless mice from Small Dog Electronics. Most of us love cars, and what a great way to express who you are by getting your favorite model, and in such a great, functional replica!

See the full list of 4 Door Media RoadMice on our website here.

Kibbles-only special: Save $5 on the Highway Patrol Camaro Wireless Mouse – $32.99
Offer valid until next Friday, 3/27, or while supplies last!


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