I was starting to rethink the keyboard character sequence for ° (Degree symbol) from last week’s Mac Treat, and a bunch of you were on top of it! Here are some of your responses clarifying the situation, and as such, an amendment to the original keyboard command for the Degree symbol:

As Michael L. notes:
“PopChar indicates that the degree is Shift-Option-8. Option-0 is described as a ‘masculine ordinal indicator’ and Option-K as a ‘ring above.’”

Hugh H. writes:
“I don’t know whether or not this is ‘officially’ correct but I have always used ° (option-shift 8) for the Degree symbol. That was from Robin Williams book ‘The Mac is not a Typewriter.’ Upon further checking, he wrote, “I find that Option-K (˚) indicates a circle above and Option-0 (º) indicates a Masculine Ordinal Indicator, while Option-Shift-8 (°) is the degree sign. I hope this is of some help. I enjoy trying to track these obscure things down.”

Of course! Leave it to Robin Williams… I should have recalled that, since she’s a legendary Macintosh writer and one of my favorite go-to gurus for Mac tips!

Thanks to those who wrote in!

P.S. If you read the Mac Treat above, download this iCal instead…


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