This week we posted a few new videos on our YouTube Channel, including an overview/review of the new 4GB iPod shuffle. One of Small Dog’s certified Apple technicians purchased the shuffle as soon as it was released. He shares his hands-on experience with the new form factor, including the controversial in-line headphone controls and tiny form factor.

We’re making these videos based on customer feedback. We have five more reviews taped (including of the new 17-inch MacBook Pro). These will be up early next week. We’re still figuring out how much time to allocate to this new project, and how much of our own personality to inject into the videos. No matter what, the videos are fun to make. We also like that we can share behind the scenes footage of Small Dog behind the scenes.

You can see our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Jump right to the new iPod shuffle overview by clicking here.

We also have the iPod shuffle review posted on Vimeo.

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