High Resolution Icons
Last week’s article regarding the high resolution icons often seen in this newsletter works only under Leopard. I apologize to the many thousands of Tiger-using Tech Tails readers for whom this won’t work.

-Matt matt@smalldog.com


Get in Character
Last week, in my tip, “Get in Character,” I featured the keyboard symbol command for the Degree symbol (˚) as either “Option-K or Option-0” and asked: “Does anyone know which is actually ‘officially’ correct?”

As Michael L. notes:
“PopChar indicates that the degree is Shift-Option-8. Option-0 is described as a ‘masculine ordinal indicator’ and Option-K as a ‘ring above.’”

Hugh H. writes:
“I don’t know whether or not this is ‘officially’ correct but I have always used ° (option-shift 8) for the Degree symbol. That was from Robin Williams book ‘The Mac is not a Typewriter.’ Upon further checking, he wrote, “I find that Option-K (˚) indicates a circle above and Option-0 (º) indicates a Masculine Ordinal Indicator, while Option-Shift-8 (°) is the degree sign. I hope this is of some help. I enjoy trying to track these obscure things down.”

Thanks to those who clarified!

-Kali kali@smalldog.com


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