Speaking of Skype, Chill Pill Audio, the makers of the Chill Pill mobile speakers, are about to release a tiny microphone called the RapCap™. It’s the perfect addition to your iPod touch using Skype. Of course, it’s great for use with much more than Skype.

RapCap allows you to easily record crisp, clear audio on an iPod nano 4G, iPod classic 120GB, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch 2G. Featuring a durable, ultra-compact design, extreme simplicity of use, and a low MSRP of only $14.99, the RapCap is the perfect accessory for iPod and iPhone.

It’s completely plug and play, thanks to the recording software built in to all compatible iPods; very thrifty, barely affecting the battery life of the host iPod; and it leaves the dock port open for charging and syncing with a computer via the dock cable.

You’ll be able to buy a RapCap at Smalldog.com in the upcoming weeks. For more information, check out Chillpillaudio.com.


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