The release of the new iPod shuffle appears to be a much more mature version that its predecessor. Gone are the rainbow of colors, replaced with a very classy silver or black. The small square design is gone as well. The new design is rectangular in shape and at on 1.8” tall and .3” thin, and weighing less than a half of an ounce, the new shuffle is smaller than most house keys.

Another upgrade to the shuffle is its storage capacity, jumping from the one or two gigabyte option straight to a full four. Giving users up to 1,000 different songs on a small, light weight, iPod with a flash drive for memory that provides skip less playback. The coolest addition to the shuffle by far though, is VoiceOver. VoiceOver is a new feature where the shuffle will tell you, with the touch of a button the artist and song title for the track that is currently playing.

The addition of VoiceOver also allows for multiple playlists and will announce their titles when you are choosing between them. With the relocation of the volume and track controls on the earbud cord the new shuffle really can be clipped anywhere. Come into either our South Burlington or Waitsfield showroom to see and hear the stylish new shuffle for yourself!

Check out the video review Bryan did on our YouTube channel!


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