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This week it’s Ed writing for Don, who is currently in New Orleans for an Apple Sales & Marketing Co-op conference. I’ve visited New Orleans many times, including a month-long stay about a decade ago. For all its troubles, New Orleans is a city I love. Immediately after Hurricane Katrina, I remember how certain commentators said that New Orleans (a great American city) should be abandoned. I always thought that was a terrible idea. While only about 60% of New Orleans residents have returned, and there is still much to do to repair the city, New Orleans IS back, and in time will be better than it was before.

I’m grateful to live in a society that generally looks for advantage in adversity (in this case, for improving the cities infrastructure). I look forward to visiting New Orleans again soon – though I admit, not until the heat of summer and early fall is past.

We’re beginning a new month-long theme of top ten lists in this issue of Kibbles. This week Kali writes about her favorite paid iPhone apps. Next week I’ll write about my favorite free Mac apps. We’ll continue all the way to WWDC on June 8.

If you have any suggestions for our future top ten favorite lists (for iPhone or Mac) please email them to

We’re also kicking off a special promotion for the month of May – all Apple software is on sale (via instant online rebates) for up to $150 off. Probably the best offer is for the Mac Box set – $149.99 plus free shipping. That price is exclusive to this newsletter and one other special mailing we’re sending out. More about the Mac Box set below.


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