The journey to New Orleans was pretty uneventful, but coming home Geoff and I had an aborted landing in Detroit and flew through a lightning storm on the way into Burlington. I’ve talked before about the FastMac TruePower IV and the Amazon Kindle reader for the iPhone, but this trip really demonstrated the value of this combination. I am a really fast reader since I was part of an experimental speed-reading program way back in the 50s, so it is easy for me to read a novel on an airplane flight.

This usually means I am packing a couple of books for business travel and if I go on vacation, books are most of the weight. With the Amazon Kindle reader, I have found that I can read just as fast with good crisp text and fluid page movement. I read a 650 page novel, Without Warning by John Birmingham during the two flights. It is an apocalyptic novel—a genre that for some weird reason I find to be fascinating, how these fictional people deal with extraordinary circumstances. Amazon has seen the success of the iPhone Kindle application and have recently updated their Kindle store for the iPhone that makes it easy to search and buy books for your phone.

The only drawback to the iPhone with Kindle reader is that I have to turn it off for take-offs and landings, cutting into valuable reading time! I’ve queued up Red and Me by Bill Russell for my next trip. This is a story of perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time, Bill Russell, and his unique relationship with perhaps the best basketball coach of all time, Red Auerbach (can you tell I love the world champion Boston Celtics?). The iPhone battery will go a long way and the Kindle application doesn’t seem to take much power; however, if you are also using other features, making calls, etc. you may find that you need some juice.

The FastMac TruePower IV is just that: an IV for your iPhone! It packs enough power to charge the phone in a short time or operate it for a long time. It is a very high quality and very useful product—highly recommended!


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