Dear Friends,

This week it’s Ed writing for Don, who was last seen in Kansas, retreating into a farmhouse to take cover from an ominous oncoming thunderstorm. Fortunately he had his little black dog and dear Uncle Henry and Aunt Em to keep him company. Funny, I haven’t heard from him recently…

This was an exciting week for us at Small Dog Electronics. For two days we hosted a large booth at the Vermont Business and Industry Expo, which is the largest expo of its kind in Northern New England and upstate New York. We won the “Best Technology Booth” award – which was easy since our booth was basically a wall of shiny new Macs and Apple displays.

The Expo was a great opportunity for networking and idea swapping. It was also inspiring to see the large number of innovative Vermont businesses that are competitive and successful, even with the economic cluster – I mean, economic downturn.

You can see a video promoting the Expo by clicking here. The video has appearances from Small Dog employees Geoff Blank and yours truly.

We also had a smaller booth for two days at the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Conference and Trade Show. That was a nice opportunity to meet some of the creative people working in that important field.

Also this week, the Vermont Association of Broadcasters announced the winners of the 2009 Commercial of the Year awards for Vermont. Small Dog’s television ads won three of the top awards, including First Place “Best in Show” for TV for our “Busy Dogs” commercial. You can see these ads on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

At the various events this week, I talked to many people who recently switched from Windows to Mac. Every single person said they loved their new Macs and were very glad they switched. However, a surprising number mentioned they wished they could still “right click” on the Mac as they had on their PCs. A familiar refrain was “I guess it’s easier to use a single mouse button, but I really liked using the right-click”.

This was surprising to me – I assumed that more people knew Macs are as right-click capable as Windows machines. Which brings me to this week’s Mac Treat!


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