Dear Friends,

The garden is liking the May showers we are having this week with flood warnings to boot. I was lucky on my long weekend journey to Pine Bush, NY to miss most of the rain. We rode through a couple of showers but the Vision motorcycles keep us pretty dry. I had gone down south to have some performance work done on my engine and gained about 25 HP in the process. We had fun tooling around the Catskills and the Adirondacks.

We got home Sunday night and picked up the pups, including the mysteriously ill Fantail Shrimp. She had suddenly developed some pain in her abdomen and we were very nervous to leave on our trip, but thanks to Joyce and Fanny’s friend Maggie, she was in good hands. I took her to the vet yesterday and we discovered that she had ingested some copper wires and ultimately needed surgery. It was a good thing, too, because one of the wires had imbedded itself in her gall bladder and that was clearly what was causing her so much pain. She is recovering now and I expect she’ll be back in the office yapping her little head off soon.

My grandchildren showed up on Memorial Day with one of their friends. The three girls immediately went into the hot tub and within minutes decided to take off their swim suits. Boka, my grandson, looked at them and said “disgusting” and walked away. I went with him and told him that someday… We decided to check out my shop and Boka had to try out each of my tools. At one point, he picked up my soldering iron and asked me about it. I told him it was for melting metal and was very hot. He didn’t believe me, of course, and grabbed the end. Luckily it had just started to get hot, but he believed me about every other tool after that!

We had a minor update to the low-end MacBook this week and while the new version sports a slightly faster processor and a larger hard drive, we were able to purchase a number of the older versions that will provide some savings if you are interested in the entry-level MacBook. Apple also announced their annual college student back-to-school promotion and will again be giving away an iPod with each Mac sold. This annual promotion is not available, unfortunately, to their loyal independent resellers so we do operate at a competitive disadvantage during the summer for college students.

It is a great opportunity, however, for my team to show you why buying from Small Dog Electronics makes sense. There are many vendors of the same equipment and most sell for the same price—our job is to give you as many reasons as possible to buy from Small Dog, including our commitment to world-class customer service that is reflected in our slogan “Always By Your Side!”


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