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I am sitting in the San Francisco airport awaiting my flight back to the Green Mountains as I write this week. I was out here for WWDC and some meetings with Apple and other Apple Specialists. In addition to the time in San Francisco, I spent one day out in Cupertino talking with the AppleCare folks and discussing service issues. Yesterday, I took the day off, rented a car and visited some of our old stomping grounds with Grace. This morning Grace is flying west to Hawaii and I’m heading east to my pups.

I know that Ed and Kali will talk about the new product announcements later in this issue but I want to talk about the general feeling of optimism and excitement that seemed to permeate the meetings both formal and informal. While the economy remains a significant challenge, the continued success of Apple on all fronts (especially with the Mac and Mac OS X) is simply invigorating. While Microsoft is struggling to finish Windows 7 and will, no doubt, have several different versions for different prices, Apple announced the ship date for Max OS X Snow Leopard and gave a full presentation of the improvements and enhancements contained in the upgrade. More astounding is that it will be only $29 for Leopard users and $49 for a family pack. Don’t worry about buying a Mac between now and the release of Snow Leopard because Apple’s Software Up-to-Date program will provide Snow Leopard for only $9.95 for anyone that purchases a Mac between now and the release date.

Most important for Small Dog Electronics and other independent resellers was a renewed confidence in our channel and a feeling that Apple truly values its partners. Actions speak louder than words but I have a finely tuned BS sensor and I am confident that our investment in growing our business will be rewarded. I saw that same feeling of confidence on the faces of the thousands of developers that were attending the WWDC.

As I was sitting in meetings, I used QuickerTek’s back-up battery and charger to power my MacBook Air for the long meeting. While others were looking for power outlets, I simply had the QuickerTek battery connected to my Air and my Mag-Safe adapter’s LED was green for the entire meeting. QuickerTek modifies your Mag-Safe adapter (or will sell you another modified one) to provide an aircraft quality connection in the middle of the cable. They basically cut the cable and install this adapter which allows you to charge your MacBook Air normally from AC current or connect it to the QuickerTek battery. Even after a 6-hour meeting, I had not used any of the MacBook Air’s power. Click here to view this.

The iPhone 3.0 software is very HOT! While I love the new features and speed of the new iPhone 3GS and will finagle my way into getting one, I think the real news is the new software that will be available for free to all iPhone owners. Cut, Copy and Paste is a huge upgrade that will make the iPhone even more useful. Landscape keyboard and improved calendar are great but the one with the biggest wow factor is the MobileMe Find and Wipe facility. If you have a MobileMe account and happen to lose your iPhone, you can direct MobileMe to find it and if you desire you can send a remote command to wipe all your data from your lost iPhone!


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