I don’t know about you, but I get in super Mac geek mode whenever Apple makes product announcements. This week, the Site of the Week shows appreciation for all things geeky: ThinkGeek.com.

Not to promote the purchase of “stuff,” but ThinkGeek.com has fun things that range from the sublime (and useful) to the ridiculous. If you want to grab something for Father’s Day or a recent graduate (and you don’t quite have the budget for a new Mac from Smalldog.com), head on over.

Some of my favorites:

Broken Image Necklace
Nintendo Wall Graphics
File Folders with Attitude
Young Mad Scientist Alphabet Blocks

Also, here’s some reader feedback regarding last week’s Site of the Week, MyFonts.com:

George M. writes:

“Regarding MyFonts (the site of the week): I run my own business doing design work, and am a ‘fontaholic’ with over 10,500 faces to manage. One feature I find most unusual about MyFonts is that once you purchase a font or family of fonts, if there is ever an update to that font, they will notify you about a free update. Now I cannot say for certain whether this is something that all of their foundries support, or if it only some foundries do it. Over the years, I have received several free updates, the most recent being a major upgrade to the Rayuela Family. Just thought I’d pass that along.

Another foundry I like is Font Bureau which offers a steeply descending price scheme as you purchase more fonts. The price levels off to $25/ea once you purchase 29 or 30 fonts. The initial $40/ea seems high (but not really, considering the high quality of their offerings), drops to $35/ea once you select 3 fonts, then drops again to $30 once you select 6 fonts. This break is per font, not per family, so the price reduction kicks in quickly if you are purchasing a family.”

Thanks for the tip, George!


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