As soon as the new iPhone/iPod touch software was released on Wednesday, I downloaded and installed it on both my iPhone 3G and iPod touch 1G. I am glad to report that it was a fast and flawless experience. The upgrade for the iPhone is free, while the upgrade for the iPod touch costs $9.95.

1. Cut and Paste. Finally. Cut and paste of text on the iPhone works well, and is implemented in a way that could also work well on any touch-screen based computer.

2. Landscape Keyboard. Works in almost any application that has text-input, including text messaging, iChat, and Safari. I’ve dramatically cut down on typing and input errors with the landscape keyboard.

3. Notes Sync. As many have said, it was silly/bizarre that this wasn’t supported on earlier versions of the iPhone OS. Notes is useful now!

4. Spotlight Search. I’ve been wishing for a comprehensive way to search my iPhone for contacts and notes, and am grateful Spotlight is now on the iPhone.

5. Shake to Undo/Redo Typing. If you are typing something and wish to erase it and start over, all you have to do is deliberately shake your iPhone and it will be erased. If you want it back, simply shake again. I admit, the tactile experience of erasing a mistake by shaking it away is great. I wonder if Apple borrowed this idea from Etch-a-Sketch?

Honorable mention: swearing is now allowed on the new iPhone. Rod Blagojevich must be very happy.

Most anticipated updates to be enabled by the end of summer:

  • MMS: Send MMS messages and include photos, audio, and contact info.
  • Tethering: Will allow you to share your Internet connection with your laptop with Internet tethering via Bluetooth or USB.
  • Turn By Turn Navigation: This will make the iPhone work as a real GPS.

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