Happy Tuesday!

It’s another beautiful Tuesday as Summer rolls in to the Green Mountains. Driving to my consults, I took full advantage of the warm weather with my windows rolled down. Toby joined in too, sticking his head far out the window and wind-drunkenly smiling all the way. We spent much of the weekend doing fun outdoor activities including spending time in my Father’s garden over Father’s Day. Gardening is a craft that runs in the family and it’s always a joy to plant and watch things grow. Unfortunately, this year the gophers and voles are also enjoying watching our garden grow and they’ve been munching the broccoli, chard and beans to bits.

In more technical excitement, after updating my first generation iPhone to 3.0 and realizing there are quite a few features that I can’t take advantage of, I bit the bullet and ordered a 16GB 3G S! It comes as no surprise that despite it showing as “in stock,” after I placed the order, it’s now in the black hole of “backordered.” I’ve attempted to call AT&T a few times now to check on the backorder ETA, but each time I call and navigate through their plethora of menus I’m put on hold for 5-10 minutes and then “an error occurs” and I’m hung up on. It’s happened so many times now that I have to laugh at what an utter failure their phone system is.

I expect to wait for new products and am not the type of person who really needs the new hip thing the day it comes out, or at least this is what I keep trying to tell myself. That said, I do really care about how I’m treated as a consumer. No matter how amazing the product is, having a negative customer experience can significantly effect how one feels about the product and the business. This is one of the reasons that focusing on creating a positive customer experience is so important for us at Small Dog. Not only do we sell great products at fair prices, but we have an amazing team that can walk you through your purchase in-store or over the phone and then help you with support, repairs and personal consultations as you grow with your products.

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of Tech Tails; see you next week!



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