A few of you wrote in last week offering some additional tips on use of the Application Switcher.

Josh writes:
“I just thought I would mention another feature, which is running application switching in reverse by hitting command-~. If you have a lot of apps open, it can sometimes be frustrating to have to run thru a sequence of a dozen apps before you get to the one you want. Command-tilde goes right to left instead, which can get you there a lot faster.”

You’re absolutely right, Josh. I should add that the command-~ convention works elsewhere on the Mac, like cycling through open windows in most programs. If you have a bunch of Safari windows open and don’t want to cycle through them all, you can use command-tilde to cycle backwards.

Paul, a subscriber in Serbia (!), wrote to remind me that you can use the mouse to point to the application you want to switch to in the Application Switcher:
“I enjoy using the application switcher very much. It is about the only Windoze utility that I am pleased to see reach the Mac platform. One thing I have discovered is you can “point” to any application in the pop-up bar using the cursor rather than rotating to it using the tab key.”

Thanks to Josh and Paul for writing. I love hearing from readers!


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