Saturday saw more severe thunderstorms, and each storm brings a surge of power-related repairs into the shop. Instead of the oh-so-2001 modem replacements, we’re seeing more and more failed AirPort base stations and Time Capsules.

My own base station was fried, in addition to my television, cordless phone, DSL modem, and much of the home theatre, despite everything being on good quality surge protectors. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t have surge protection, because I have neighbors who’ve had damage in the past where I haven’t.)

This type of damage is not covered by AppleCare, or any manufacturer’s warranty for that matter. Do yourself a favor and get everything on a good quality surge protector and make sure your insurance covers this type of event. I am a fan of Fellowes 8 Outlets Surge Suppressor, though you can view everything we offer here. (click on either “Surge Suppression” or “Batteries & UPS Backups” to view what you need!)

I’m still waiting to hear back about my claim, but I’m sure everything will be resolved one way or another.


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