I have always been a fan of things that fell off the funky truck—i.e. bright colors—and make a statement. The new Purple and Red Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds with a built-in mic definitely fit into my lifestyle, and they actually make me think of a nice pair of Nike Dunks.

The Smokin’ Buds line by Skullcandy always has comfort in mind. In all honesty, most customers are not too pleased with the the headphones that come with their new iPhone or iPod and are looking for a replacement. Many times we direct them to the Smokin’ Buds because they are at a great price point – $24.99 and they offer silicon ear adapters to fit any size ear. Also, the silicon adapters make the Buds stay in place—if you are cruising around town, working out, whatever.

Overall, they are an affordable, comfortable, quality sound-producing pair of headphones that will also allow you take calls while using your iPhone (with a splash of style)!

Check out the Skullcandy headphones here!


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