Happy Tuesday,

In an unexpected move yesterday, Apple announced that Snow Leopard will be available on Friday. Most of us were expecting a late September release, so this is welcome news. A new operating system from Apple is always exciting for me, and I’ll be installing Snow Leopard during my lunch break on Friday. Ed has all the details on Snow Leopard below.

Whether you are installing a major operating system upgrade like Leopard to Snow Leopard, or Tiger to Snow Leopard, it is pretty much mandatory that you have a current backup. While only a tiny fraction of these installations go awry, some do fail and result in data loss or a computer that doesn’t start up. Apple’s Time Capsule is the perfect backup solution, and we have plenty of Small Dog Refurbished Time Capsules in 500GB for the unbeatable price of $149.99—that’s less than the price of an AirPort Extreme base station, and you get a wireless hard drive in addition to all the base station functionality.

Have fun with Snow Leopard if you choose to upgrade immediately. I’ll have an in-depth report on the new operating system in next week’s Tech Tails.

Thanks for reading, and keep in touch.



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