We’ll be posting our own review of Snow Leopard next week after we get to spend some quality hands-on time with it. In the meantime, here are some reviews from around the web:

Wired.com – 6 Things You Need to Know About Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Gizmodo – Snow Leopard Review: Lightened and Enlightened

Wall Street Journal – Apple Changes Leopard’s Spots

New York Times – Apple’s Sleek Upgrade

C|Net – Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Engaget – Snow Leopard review

Physorg First Look: New Mac ‘Snow Leopard’ software not a dramatic change

And then there’s this ridiculous link-bait article over at PC World. Personally, this makes me glad Small Dog Electronics no longer advertises over there! Snow Leopard Is a Pale Imitation of Windows 7


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